I’ve got a water bottle filled with something that’s not water


I felt myself erupt into a thousand broken pieces.
If a jigsaw is a puzzle than what is a shattered window?
Or a mirror in shards on the tile floor?
You won’t get your answer on some leather couch
in some mood-lit office —
just shakes and shakes
and a bitter taste
of self abuse.
‘Cos she says it’s your responsibility.
Why didn’t you tell her?
Why didn’t you stand up for yourself?
You’ve been asking yourself these questions all along.
Isn’t she the new bully?
Aren’t you cornered?
Yeah –  you stop telling jokes, I suppose
when you’re picked apart under the microscope.
They’re no longer your problems —
it’s research, kid.
Hear “stand up” but stay seated.
That’s what I’m telling you
That’s what I’ve learned

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