“Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl” by Carrie Brownstein

To a millennial audience, Carrie Brownstein is likely more well known for her comedic partnership with Fred Armisen, and their show “Portlandia,” which has run for six season on IFC. But to anyone just a few years older, she’s probably better known as a third of legendary rock trio Sleater-Kinney. And with Sleater-Kinney back touring on 2015’s “No Cities to Love,” the band, and Brownstein, are in the spotlight now more than ever before.

Brownstein’s memoir, “Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl,” tackles much of her early life and the years she spent in Sleater-Kinney as guitarist and co-vocalist-songwriter. It’s a surprisingly breezy read that offers insight into a performer that, in the past, has revealed very little about her personal life. Here readers are afforded a glimpse into the motivation behind some of that group’s greatest works – seminal albums for any modern listener.

Brownstein is an engaging, thoughtful writer that allows you to quickly envelope yourself in her life. With Brownstein’s pen, you’re in the van, on stage and on the road – feeling those same frustrations and anxieties. One can only hope that a sequel detailing her next phase is in the works.

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