I’m Twittering.

If your first thought was “What’s new, Brendan?” then I already beat you to the punch.

Twitter is a website that allows you to post what you’re doing, but you’re limited to within 140 characters. It’s fun and a bit challenging. I’m gonna try it out for a while. You can find our page here.

If you are twittering, add us as a friend! We’ll try to keep it current.

Google Reader is teh coolist!

Al Verik over at ayvee recently turned me on to Google Reader. It’s a feed aggregator – so if your site has an RSS feed (and yes, obviate does), you plug it in there, and it starts pulling down everything new from that blog. I frequent quite a few blogs, so it’s getting helpful to be able to read them all in one place.

April 11th needs to come faster. I bet you can guess what band I’m going to go see.


Pardon me for being late to the game here, but I’ve completely fallen in love with Bon Iver’s For Emma, Forever Ago. There’s enormous meditative beauty in his songs.

I’m finding a lot of the music I’ve been listening to lately has been hitting me at a gut level. John Darnielle’s Mountain Goats songs, the latest Animal Collective album Strawberry Jam and Bon Iver. I’m tired of listening to music that I can’t find a meaning in. It’s different with these guys.

Howdy there!

Hey there.

Lately I’ve been updating my blog at http://selections.obviatemedia.net, and that’s been going well. However, I have this webspace here and I think I’ll use it. I don’t know how much I expect people to read this, however I’ll be posting random thoughts through the day, links to articles I find interesting, video clips – really anything that strikes my fancy.

Thanks for reading!

Summer 2007: Picture Book of People With Each Other

While most college-going kids in this area have already departed, I have to shine it on for two more weeks until I can move in my new place downtown. Since I’ve got all this downtime before I go back, I had been thinking that the time was nigh to do a 2007 SUMMER RECAP! (In Pictures). This likely was the best in recent memory mainly because I kept active for the first time, in well, ever. I could go on and do a lengthy and relatively uninteresting essay, but I’ll spare you just this one. Take a gander through our handy dandy pictobrowser app below to see the summer that was Two-Bond.