What I’ve Been Spinning…4/15/08

Born Ruffians – I Need A Life – Got some good old fashioned pop goodness here. This record was a recent recommendation from a friend and it’s a fun listen. Nothing too intense.

The Replacements – Answering Machine – I’ve been giving the ‘Mats Let It Bealbum several spins lately. Fantastic ballad. The album this song’s off of and 1986’s Tim are essential listening.

Stevie Nicks – Stand Back – This is the monster single off of 1983’s The Wild Heart. It’s full of throbbing synths and a total ping pong 80’s bass line. Doesn’t get much better than this..Oh, and it’s really tacky.

A heartfelt and honest thank you.

I’m going to forego posting anything other than Al’s tremendous podcast from earlier today, mainly because ‘we’re at the point where I’ve only got one thing left to say.. and that thing is this…’ – thanks to Craig Finn for that one..

Thank you.

We are the little website that could. I’m doing my best to post one little thing every day, with the hopes that it’s remotely interesting to someone out there.

It’s no secret that I started this site out without a clear idea with what I exactly wanted to do with it. We had a much publicized launch party in June, which was fun. Our ideas were cool, but admittedly, I wasn’t doing much to take a leadership role to keep it going.

So, in that sense, it’s really only got to be one thing.

obviate media is a community. Simply put. It doesn’t exist without those contributing to it. It really doesn’t matter if you aren’t into the music and movies that I am. That’s not the point.

This is the place for people who are timid about expressing themselves to finally take that step outside the box and show the part of your personality that no one gets to see. It’s here to just show you talents, your strengths, or whatever that makes you… well.. you..

Twenty six people visited this page today. I’m happy for that much, and I assure you at least five of those were page loads by me while editing the posts we stuck up today. I want that number to change.

My biggest hope is that this site becomes a destination and a safe place for those to show off their work and get encouragement, feedback, and possibly be able to collaborate.

For those who have answered that call already, I respect you immensely.

I know I’ve built a reputation on being off kilter and aggressive about people posting on this site, but it’s because I believe in it.

I want you too as well.

There’s a lot of fucked up stuff going on in this world that we can’t change, but at least we have an opportunity to make it a little cooler for a little group of people.

Now that I’ve rambled on and on and you’ve probably gotten bored of reading this, I’m gonna wrap it up.

Thank you so much. I’m always open to new suggestions, ideas, whatever. Don’t be afraid!

Most importantly, Stay Positive. Best advice I’ve received lately.

Crayzee Tayztee Layzeez 4/13/08

Another set of choice cuts by Ayvee. Once a week, every week, handpicked by him and here for you. Exclusively here on obviate media.


Here’s the rundown for this week.

1. Sebastien Tellier – Divine (Midnight Juggernauts Mix)

2. Richard Swift – Sm60

3. 88 Keys feat. Big Sean – 21& Over

4. Amanaz – Khala My Friend

5. The Dodos – Winter

6. Delta Spirit – Strange Vine

7. Crystal Castles – Vanished

8. Born Ruffians – Barnacle Goose

9. The Shortwave Set – Replica

10. Hopeton Lewis – Boom Shacka Lack

11. Spiritualized – Baby I’m Just a Fool

12. Clinic – Coda

13. Celestial Choir – Stand (Larry Levan Mix)

14. Martina Topley-Bird – Trust Me

15. Destroyer – Foam Hands

16. Jeremy Jay – While The City Sleeps

17. Erykah Badu – Soldier

I’m Twittering.

If your first thought was “What’s new, Brendan?” then I already beat you to the punch.

Twitter is a website that allows you to post what you’re doing, but you’re limited to within 140 characters. It’s fun and a bit challenging. I’m gonna try it out for a while. You can find our page here.

If you are twittering, add us as a friend! We’ll try to keep it current.