Sequestered…on the Internet

The New Hold Steady is up and ready to listen to on their MySpace, and on iTunes. It’s called “Sequestered in Memphis”. The track is probably the catchiest thing they’ve ever done, full of Springsteen horns, handclaps and an anthemic chorus sung by the band with Ben Nichols of Lucero on background vocals. Definately a step forward for the band, and if it wasn’t any surprise already, I’m very excited for Stay Positive on July 15.

On The Ticker…

Things I’m watching today…

1. Pitchfork has sold out of 3-Day Passes for the Pitchfork Music Festival. Single day passes are still available for $30, and Saturday/Sunday tickets are going for $50.

2. TDS has a report that 50 Cent may sign a very lucrative 360 deal with Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. That’s enough of a red flag. 360 deals are bad for the music industry in general. The report states “…The deal, if completed, would give Murdoch’s company control over 50 Cent’s tours, books, and film projects as well as future albums released by the rapper…”

Similar to the Live Nation ones.. Not good for the industry as a whole…keep your eye on this.

3. The Hold Steady are releasing the first single from Stay Positive on May 20 via iTunes. It’s called Sequestered In Memphis. Based on a YouTube video and soundcheck I heard, it’s pretty good. The album is due July 15 on Vagrant.

If you care about live music in Chicago…

Chicago’s City Council is trying to pass an ordinance that will make it very hard for venues like the Metro and Double Door to put on shows due to new regulations required by the city. There’s a huge uproar in the Chicago music community. The Daily Swarm has been following the story pretty closely.. click here to get up to speed. It’s a lot more description than I’m able to get into without getting terribly confusing.