On The Ticker…

Things I’m watching today…

1. Pitchfork has sold out of 3-Day Passes for the Pitchfork Music Festival. Single day passes are still available for $30, and Saturday/Sunday tickets are going for $50.

2. TDS has a report that 50 Cent may sign a very lucrative 360 deal with Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. That’s enough of a red flag. 360 deals are bad for the music industry in general. The report states “…The deal, if completed, would give Murdoch’s company control over 50 Cent’s tours, books, and film projects as well as future albums released by the rapper…”

Similar to the Live Nation ones.. Not good for the industry as a whole…keep your eye on this.

3. The Hold Steady are releasing the first single from Stay Positive on May 20 via iTunes. It’s called Sequestered In Memphis. Based on a YouTube video and soundcheck I heard, it’s pretty good. The album is due July 15 on Vagrant.

If you care about live music in Chicago…

Chicago’s City Council is trying to pass an ordinance that will make it very hard for venues like the Metro and Double Door to put on shows due to new regulations required by the city. There’s a huge uproar in the Chicago music community. The Daily Swarm has been following the story pretty closely.. click here to get up to speed. It’s a lot more description than I’m able to get into without getting terribly confusing.

What I’ve Been Spinning…5/9/08 COVERS EDITION!

I thought I’d mix it up today and post only cover versions of songs I liked. Here’s the rundown. Let me know what you think. Comments are there for a reason, people!

Les Savy Fav – Debaser (Pixies cover) – This wonderfully ragged gem is off of LSF’s digital only live album After the Balls Drop 3 AM 1-1-08 NYC. After seeing portly singer Tim Harrington strip down on Conan O’Brien, to “Patty Lee” off of last fall’s Let’s Stay Friends I knew these guys were worth hearing. This song – better yet- album has the same energy of that performance.

Richie Havens – Here Comes the Sun (Beatles cover) – I’m fairly confident I heard this cover on an episode of the Wonder Years. Havens takes on a Beatles classic with his trademark guitar strum and creates a version that is just as memorable as the original.

Of Montreal – Jimmy (M.I.A. Cover) – I’m not the world’s biggest Of Montreal fan, but there’s no way to resist this wicked (and slightly less frenetic) version of a song that’s already a cover – sort of.

This makes me hungry

When I was IMing a few friends this evening about how I was enjoying a five dollar large sub from Quizno’s. One friend directed me to this guide from Esquire.

What is it?

The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches, compiling the best sandwiches in America, as well as recipes and related articles about one of the best foods the world has to offer.

It’s a tasty read.