Kelsey Pierson Reports: In Defense of Big Star

I am extremely fortunate to have a job where the employees of said establishment pick the music that we play in our store. Needless to say, as an avid consumer of music, I make a fair amount of playlists to put in the CD player to enjoy while I’m doing my tea schtick. It’s very lucky, having heard horror stories from friends who have worked retail jobs where literally the same “hip” music is in constant rotation, day after day until one’s ears bleed and then fall off.

This particular playlist had THREE Big Star songs on it. Now, I usually play by the “rules” and try to limit the number of songs by a singular artists to one per customer. But I must have been feeling particularly good when I made this one, since Big Star has never, EVER written a horrible song.

Sure, some of them are mediocre, some of them are even downright questionable, but the overall effect is phenomenal. Fellow Obviate staffer Evan and myself once talked about how it was impossible to not be smiling by the time the hand claps come in on “Peace Train” by Cat Stevens, and that is my general reaction to most Big Star songs.

Apparently, I’m not the only one who enjoys them. One of the people I helped that day were waiting for their teas to finish brewing, and I was attempting to engage them so they would MAYBE try to pretend they would smile at least a little bit.

And then one song leaked into “Watch the Sunrise,” and the female half of this couple turned to her counterpart and said “I love you so much. I have always wanted to listen to Big Star with someone I love, and I’m just happy to be with you.”

I honestly don’t think they noticed I was there anymore, and I wanted them to have their moment, so I walked away, but I felt sort of fuzzy inside all day after knowing a song I put onto a CD made someone make that kind of declaration and not be…well…dumb.

And “Watch The Sunrise” is just such a great track. Maybe we should divide the world into people who enjoy Big Star and everybody else, so the Big Star fans can meet each other and have cute moments in Gold Coast tea shops.

That’s all I really want.

I’m Twittering.

If your first thought was “What’s new, Brendan?” then I already beat you to the punch.

Twitter is a website that allows you to post what you’re doing, but you’re limited to within 140 characters. It’s fun and a bit challenging. I’m gonna try it out for a while. You can find our page here.

If you are twittering, add us as a friend! We’ll try to keep it current.

Prepare your mind…FOR A MIND EXPLOSION!

01-human-giant.jpgSpring Break was sort of blah-ish this year, nothing real special that came about it, except this.

Without having seen a single episode before, I decided to pick up the first season of Human Giant, MTV’s sketch comedy show staring Aziz Ansari, Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel. The absurdity of the skits – one is a parody of Criss Angel’s Mindfreak is a definate highlight, as well as Aziz’s – Jimmy Norville’s Swindle Tips.

You can check more out clips here.