I made you a muxtape…

A friend showed me this really cool site yesterday called Muxtape, located at muxtape dot com. (I’m going to refrain from linking today, we’ve been having spamming issues.)

Anyways, the site works like this. You register with the site, create a username – all that jazz, and then you upload twelve mp3’s. Then, after you are done, it creates a website streaming the mix you just made and you can share it with people online. Pretty cool stuff.



The Daily Swarm – Heavy on music industry news. Good starting point before hitting sites like Pitchfork. Gives you a broad overview of the whole spectrum.

Desipio.com – The gold standard for Chicago Cubs analysis. Andy Dolan (a longtime Cubs fan) regularly posts his criticism of the team and usually to hilarious results.

The Hype Machine – An EXCELLENT music aggregator. This website pulls music from several blogs for streaming or downloading pleasure. A great place to hear rare and unreleased tracks.

Stereogum.com – Probably the blog closest to my personal tastes. Pretty broad in terms of music they cover.

Oh No They Didn’t! – I’m so sorry.