What I’ve Been Spinning… 4/24/08

My Morning Jacket – Highly Suspicious – The most warped, twisted, Prince-aping funk jam off of Evil Urges by My Morning Jacket. Jim James sings in an impossibly high falsetto, and you think that during psycho-giggling pre solo, some P.Y.T. may be playing with that scruffy beard of his.

Billy Bragg – A New England – At this point in time, I’ve only heard about a dozen Billy Bragg songs. I can safely say I like all of them. This one, however, is particularly poignant: “I was twenty one years when I wrote this song/I’m twenty two now, but I wont be for long/People ask when will you grow up to be a man..”..Yeah.

Tom Waits – Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis – Everyone says it, mainly because it’s true. You can’t really go wrong with Tom Waits, and this one – a plaintive piano ballad is a good choice for today.

What I’ve Been Spinning…4/15/08

Born Ruffians – I Need A Life – Got some good old fashioned pop goodness here. This record was a recent recommendation from a friend and it’s a fun listen. Nothing too intense.

The Replacements – Answering Machine – I’ve been giving the ‘Mats Let It Bealbum several spins lately. Fantastic ballad. The album this song’s off of and 1986’s Tim are essential listening.

Stevie Nicks – Stand Back – This is the monster single off of 1983’s The Wild Heart. It’s full of throbbing synths and a total ping pong 80’s bass line. Doesn’t get much better than this..Oh, and it’s really tacky.

Yeasayer are like…wow!

Yes, I know… REAL late to the game on this one. Sorry I wasn’t up to the minute on my SXSW coverage…

Saw this on my friend Katie’s Facebook page and thought it was something to take a look at.

The band is called Yeasayer. They’re from Brooklyn, and they’re unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. I mean, the best way to put this (and I’ve seen them compared to this in other reviews) is that they sorta sound like the Talking Heads.. except a bit more grandiose. Check out their Myspace or website and then watch the following videos of the band on a Subway in Paris. Tremendous stuff.


They’re playing Logan Square Auditorium on April 16. I think I’m going. Any interested parties?