Baton Rouge: A Drinking Town with a … Drinking Problem

T-shirts that end that phrase as “with a Football Problem” cover the upper halves of many a Louisiana State University student and/or fan. And it’s funny – a play on the community’s great love for the Fighting Tigers and the tailgates that precede their matches.

But when does it become obnoxious?

A few of my lady friends and I ventured to Pensacola, Fla., for Spring Break 2007. We stayed for Monday and Tuesday nights, and were baffled that the bars – nay, the streets – were empty.

Baton Rouge is lucky if its god-fearing residents take Sunday off from drinking. Even then, they’ll probably just wait until sundown, especially since the outdated Blue Laws (no liquor sales on Sundays) were recently repealed.

The party really gets started Thursday night, with ’80s Night at a popular bar and some lucky no-Friday-class students ready to start the weekend.

There is always a party in one of the corporate apartment complexes, and if you go late enough no one will probably notice they have no clue who you are.

I’m sure Sorority Row and the Frat Houses are rockin’ on a regular basis, and the various sections of Tiger Band are probably throwing some sort of shindig even though football season ended three months ago.

Every holiday should be celebrated with booze.

Every victory deserves a toast; every loss must be drowned out.

Maybe this is just college life. I’ve only attended one university, but remember that mine is a consistently top-rated party school. People come here to have fun and get fucked up for four or so years.

But how fucked up is too fucked up?

Offhand comments about shaking off a long, stressful week with many a beer may be incorrectly interpreted. Or maybe I’m just paranoid about my Lil’ Sis thinking I am a bad influence of sorts.

I don’t care for relying on anything other than myself – I’ve been let down way too many times, hurt much too much and had more headaches than I should physically be able to get through.

When the thought of curling up with a bottle of wine after a long week of homework, fraternity business, boyfriend troubles and the usual hubbub sounds like the top solution for multiple weeks in a row, something’s got to give.

Is it le joie de vivre de Louisiane? Is it an inability to deal with stress in a healthy manner, the amount of stress or the content of each individual weight on people’s shoulders?

Give or no give, a release is needed.

Outside of hopping the next plane back to Midwest civilization, a bottle of wine is the next best thing to me.

Or a gallon of ice cream … they’re about the same calorie-wise.

Jim Derogatis leaks Lolla Lineup! Partially…

This lineup is ridiculous. It’s only partial, but it’s off the charts. Here’s the list so far.

Nine Inch Nails
Rage Against The Machine
Kanye West
Gnarls Barkley
Black Keys
G. Love and the Special Sauce
Blues Traveler
Mates of State
Bloc Party
Cat Power
Stephen Malkmus
Girl Talk
Kid Sister
The Cool Kids
The Go! Team
Jamie Lidell
Grizzly Bear

…At the same time, sorta reminds me of the ’06 lineup…

Here is the article from his Sun-Times blog.

This is slightly reassuring…

Reading on this article. The eighth question from the bottom says that the marquee at Wrigley Field is protected by the Chicago City Council’s landmark status, so it would be legally difficult to change the actual marquee outside of Wrigley if the naming rights are sold.

…and this. Cheech is the man.

Thinking too much

So have you ever stumbled across something you almost wish you hadn’t? Something that’s so intriguing yet makes you want to turn the other way?

Well, it’s happened to me.

Let me toss out a couple pieces of food for thought.

In May of 1988, The First Interstate Bank in Los Angeles, California caught fire. It burned for over 3.5 hours over 5 floors. Guess what? It’s fine today.

Philadelphia, February 1991. The Meridian Plaza – 38 stories tall, caught on fire and proceeded to burn out 8 floors over 19 hours. At first, it was talked about being reconstructed from the 19th floor up, but eventually was demolished in 1999.

In October of 2004 in Caracas, Venezuela there was a 56 story building that burned for over 17 hours, over 26 floors, and it is still standing today.

“Why are you telling me about buildings that caught on fire but were still standing?”

Let’s fast forward to the day that changed everyone’s lives – September 11, 2001.

World Trade Center 7 was seemingly struck by quite a bit of debris due to the collapse of the WTC 1 & 2. There were also noticable fires on the 5th, 12th and 13th floors. These fires proceeded to burn all afternoon for a total of no more than 7 hours. At 5:20 pm WTC 7 proceeded to collapse perfectly into its base, projecting debris laterally hundreds of feet. This was only the 3rd time in history a building “collapsed” due to “fire”, the other two being, WTC 1 and 2 earlier that morning.

So you are telling me that this..

fires on 5th and 12th floors

Caused this?

wtc7 inside of itself

Are you saying fires caused massive chunks of the building to laterally fly hundreds of feet?


I could go on for days about scientific theory, which would undermine everythign we were told about that day. I’ll leave that up to you, though. Do some research. Find out what’s really going on.

We’re living in a country of sheep. Everyone is going along contently with the way things are, willing to obey anything they are told. We’re willing to believe anything that comes through that fucking television. If we don’t wake up (us as a whole), then who knows what will happen next.

This is our future. Why should bastards who aren’t going to be alive for another fifteen years be making the decisions that will affect our future?