Getcha’ Popcorn Ready!


It’s a big day over here at obviate.

That’s right.

Ted Lilly has his 2008 debut for the Cubs today against the Brewers. After a suprisingly good season last year (he was the most consistent Cubs pitcher all year) the man is prime for his true breakout season.

His parents had the balls to give him the middle name “Roosevelt”. Theodore Roosevelt Lilly. How sweet is that?

He beat up his manager on the Blue Jays and then signed with the Cubs even though the Blue Jays offered him the same exact deal.

I firmly beleive that this is the man’s season. Come October, he will be the 2008 National League Cy Young Winner. Why? He’s a pitbull.

To read more about the man, the myth, the big 3-0, click here.

Jeff “MILW was a bad choice” Suppan doesn’t stand a chance.

Opening Day

I decided on a whim to purchase a ticket to the Cubs home opener today. Fifteen bucks for standing room only wasn’t a bad deal. Due to the rain, I left pretty early on, which was ridiculous considering that Fukudome hit a 3 run homer to tie it in the ninth. We still lost in the tenth, unfortunately.

An introduction

web.jpgSo, I guess an introduction would be the proper way to start things off.

My name is Greg. Brendan and I go way back to the times where Ninja Turtles were the shit, and fluorescent fanny packs were the badass thing to carry them in.

Yes, we’re talking the early 90’s. Fast forward to a day and age where our country just seems to be falling apart. I find myself writing this entry from my Powerbook here in Ahwatukee, Arizona – a far different place from that where Brendan and I first met. Yet, eight years after I moved away from my childhood home of Sleepy Hollow, Illinois, he and I still manage to keep up.

Tonight we were chatting about random stuff – specifically pictures and how much I hate McCain. One thing led to the next and then he asked if I would like to start writing here.

I’ve decided I will be showing everyone my viewpoint of things through my photography. This world is a beautiful place that is disappearing before our eyes. We must learn to see things for what they truly are. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer.

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