Am I Just Hotter Here, Or is it The Excessive Moisture in the Air?

My mum played basketball for Louisiana State University. She was recruited from her small, rural hometown in Australia and is immortalized in the basketball hall of heroes. Thus, I grew up rooting for LSU.

When the time came, I applied to her alma mater for kicks and jumped at the full-tuition scholarship offer.

I’ve been berated for saying “pop” ever since.

People in this neck of the woods do lots of crazy shit. They call pop “cokes,” only require one license plate on automobiles, are confused by vegetarians and have crowded bars every night of the week.

On the bright side, Baton Rouge is full of coffee shops, seafood and friendly people.

But they’re all crazy.

I can’t afford the therapist necessary to deal with this, so I plan to pour my heart out to you. You can sit back and take it all in, and give me your thoughts as you see fit. Prescriptions – medical and therapeutic – may only be given by those qualified to do so.

Let’s hold hands and get through this together. I’ve still got another year …

The Hold Steady Wiki

It’s no secret I’m an avowed Hold Steady fan. This site is the official Hold Steady Wiki. It’s chock full of references, show dates, setlists and the norm. Like any wiki, it’s still under construction, but if you’re a fan of the band it’s definately a cool place to check out. If you get lost, just click on the band’s name and it should bring you to the table of contents.

Google Reader is teh coolist!

Al Verik over at ayvee recently turned me on to Google Reader. It’s a feed aggregator – so if your site has an RSS feed (and yes, obviate does), you plug it in there, and it starts pulling down everything new from that blog. I frequent quite a few blogs, so it’s getting helpful to be able to read them all in one place.

April 11th needs to come faster. I bet you can guess what band I’m going to go see.