Quality Strange

COMIC? NO. HILARIOUS: So, Comic Sans MS was cool for about two minutes in 1997. Okay Maybe a bit of 1998, too. Apparently, the rest of the world didn’t get the memo. Here’ an AWESOME Wall Street Journal pieceabout the backlash against the typeface.

FAN MAIL?: My good friend Stephanie Nelson submitted this screenshot today from her Scrabble game:


Unfortunately, she lost. Still, it was still a really nice thought.

IT’S GOING TO TAKE AN ‘INFINITE’LY LONG TIME: My ladyfriend jokes with me how I’m telling everyone in earshot about my attempt to read Infinite Jest, the epic tome written by the late David Foster Wallace. I’m 22 pages in and have no idea what’s going on. Still, I’m going to work at it. I’ll update with my progress.

SPITZ TAKE: I spent a good part of my morning reading The Confessions of Eliot Spitzer, a lengthy interview with the ex-NY Governor. Interesting read. What’s more shocking is that I hardly think we’ve seen the last of the dude. He comes off as rather intelligent, despite his um, personal follies.

‘C’MON, REALLY GUYS?’ : I’m just as impressed with Susan Boyle’s showing on Britain’s Got Talent as everyone else is. She’s a great singer. But the media is making WAY too big of a deal about her being frumpy. Hopefully her talent, and talent alone can carry her through the competition. She hardly needs it, though, as she’s already become a star because of the YouTube clip.

TWITTIGUE: After going strong on Twitter for a couple of weeks, I’ve slowed down massively. Kind of realized I was getting lost in there for a bit. Also, following celebrities is not nearly as cool as I thought it was. Okay, except @robcorddry. Pretty much always hilarious.

UP, UP, UP, AND AWAY! Am I wrong to think that reading this AP piece about M.I.A., that when her next record drops, it’s going to be an absolute smash? Seems like the buzz surrounding her just grows and grows every time she does something.