December 19, 2010

Jim Joe. Jim Joe!

When I visited in May in the run up to moving here, I spotted this tag on a garbage can in Greenpoint.

Womp Womp!

Since then, I’ve seen Jim Joe’s handiwork everywhere, and I’ve tried to capture it every time I can.

So, who is Jim Joe, you ask?

According to this link at Subway Art Blog, he’s

“…a graffiti artist, currently hyperactive in New York City. He has made quite a name for himself with his simple, sometimes humorous writings, especially in the Lower East Side and East Village, where his tag is ubiquitous. He first caught the attention of Subway Art Blog in February for hitting up the Essex Street station on the J train.”

Fascinating. He’s got a website here, and is also on Twitter. The Subway Art Blog link above has the most comprehensive info I’ve seen so far.

You can see my photos by clicking on the Flickr badge above or here if you’re lazy.

I’ll be posting more as I see them. But if you spot any, please feel free to send along at!